Publishing Director: Stephanie Nelson

Stephanie has been married for eight years to her best friend, Chris.  They have two precious gifts and one who passed away shortly after birth due to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and various other heart and lung defects.

Stephanie has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Washington.  She loves to write, and has released her first book, a memoir about her journey with child loss.  See You in a Breath is an e-book that is available at and for only $2.99!

While her babies sleep, she dreams for them.  Teaching and inspiring them to love Jesus passionately and serve humanity with abandon is the bulk of her work right now.  Someday she hopes to write books that inspire people to make God’s name great in their own sphere of influence.  But for right now, the few minutes she can steal away to sit with coffee in hand and write, read, pray or chat with her husband are her favorite things.

Follow me on Twitter!  @stephnelson2004


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