Blog Author: Jane Pinkerton

Jane has a BS in Occupational Safety and Health with an emphasis on Applied Health, from MT Tech in Butte, MT. Jane has many passions including reading, watching action movies, playing sports, and decorating her home.  However, the only hobbies she has time for are loads of laundry, and cleaning her home.  This is because she is raising her six children (two sets of twins!) to be able to stand for what is right and true, and not be swayed by the culture.  Someday Jane would like to be a motivational speaker.  She and her husband, Jay, also hope to travel to other countries to do mission work, and pour into children who have no parents.


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  2. Jane, I’m a generation older than you, but I wanted to share an example of one of the pioneers in mass distributed motivational speaking using the new-technology audio format (cassette tapes) during the 1960s. His name was Earl Nightingale. He wrote and recorded his first motivational material in the mid 50s (before even I was born!), but could only distribute it in the form of vinyl records, which weren’t portable. As you’ll see, his delivery wouldn’t cut it in today’s era of Billy Blanks and “TaeBo” — too old fashioned and stoic. But I invite you to listen to the message itself, and the simple yet effective ways he framed his advice by using anecdotes and metaphors drawn from a wide variety of sources. There are MANY people currently in their 50s, 60s, and 70s who built and grew successful businesses and careers after being inspired by this man. And his beliefs perfectly embodied the conservative world view: self reliance, responsibility, VOLUNTARY charitable acts, ingenuity, perserverence, self confidence, daily regimens, continuous self-improvement, etc. I will paste these URLs as embedded links so they don’t show up as YouTube windows that clutter your “About” page. I have transcripts of this and other material of his, if you’re interested (though you can probably find most of it on the internet). Enjoy.

    The Strangest Secret,
    The Strangest Secret,
    The Strangest Secret,

    - Jeff

    • Jeff, this is awesome stuff! Thanks so much for getting these to me. I’ll let you know what I think when I get through them. I so appreciate your impute in this area.

      • You’re welcome. Funny how your smartphone’s autocorrect decided to “impute” to me more credit than I deserve. :-)

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