Executive Director: JJ Day

Executive Director of The Civic Arena

JJ is a 22 year old young woman with a passionate message.

Limitations are not in JJ’s vocabulary and so you will see her doing a number of things.  She wants to write books, make CD’s, and influence the church and the politics of the day.  Her goals are motivated by impacting the world in a real way, by building a youth center for the children in downtown Boise, ID, and eventually building orphanages and places of care in war ridden countries. Also, she wants to see balance in the nuclear family, the value of children increased, the woman empowered to do all that God has called her to do and the man’s role honored and lifted high.  JJ wants to bring a message of hope through Jesus Christ into whatever venture God leads her into and she isn’t afraid to meet the opposition.

Her life is about inspiring people to live the best life they can in the name of Jesus Christ.

She currently holds an associates degree in Biblical Studies with Harvest International Training Center and is on her way to achieving a law degree.  Currently, she works as a preschool teacher and that keeps her fighting for the next generation.  JJ is determined to bring America back to it’s traditional roots by leaning on the Bible and the ways of America’s founding fathers. She is single and lives in Boise, Idaho with her three roommates.

You can find JJ in several other places too!


E: jessjday@me.com



I: @jessicajday