About The Civic Arena

Sometimes it’s a battlefield, but we’re up to the fight. 

The Civic Arena does not believe in limitations.  We are not afraid to be openly Christian in the midst of hostility from others in the political world.  Our goals have to do with bringing a message of hope and to offer a balanced worldview.  We want to see our world impacted in a real and physical way.

TCA has two main purposes:

1. To offer a message of a hope. We offer this message through fashion, literature, and song.   TCA believes in the nuclear family.  We believe in increasing the value of the child, empowering the woman to do all the God has called her to do, and to bring honor and lift up the of role of the man.  We love the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and we adore America.

2. To make money for the advancement of good in the world.   The Civic Arena wants to put money into the community.  Not by a government means, but because we see the need in the world and how financial aid could help out.  We dream about giving money to our local community, building youth centers and schools, and someday we want to help orphans and build places of care around the world.

TCA began in JJ Day’s private prayer time, where she heard a challenge from God to do something great for her community, nation, and the world.  She understood she was only one person, and quite young (she’ll be the first to admit she doesn’t know everything!) And so she enlisted three other women to help her start The Civic Arena.

It began with Stephanie, Kaylee and Stacey.

Stephanie offered all the wisdom and cautions as JJ tried to charge on, and helped form The Civic Arena into an organized system. Today she maps out TCA’s blog and book publishing dreams.  Look for her book in February 2013.

Kaylee brought the hard truth, but she brought it in love and has begun to spearhead Sonder.  She has all the talent and connections to help TCA’s band go from dream to reality.

Stacey brought the fearlessness to express TCA’s dreams.  She laid the foundation for speaking up about how big The Civic Arena could be, and made our hearts soar toward an exciting future! Her passion helped us to get to where we are today. While she has taken a break from The Civic Arena, she promises to guest write on our blog and we are excited to see her efforts in the fight against abortion, sex trafficking and the pursuit to bring value to abstinence in young women.

Today TCA is finally ready to go from just blog to begin to show the world what we are really all about! We are excited to bring on three new members:  Stephanie Lasater, Jane Pinkerton and Robyn Graff.

Stephanie and Jane are coming on as blog authors and they are ready to write to impact readers in unique ways.  Stephanie comes with a philosophical edge and will make readers think about why they do what they do.  Jane has passionate messages that she can’t wait to write out and offers a balanced, but fierce worldview.

Robyn, our fashion director and stylist, comes in to spearhead TCA fashion.  Her heart is to dress women of all ages and sizes and to inspired them to do all that God has called them to do and to do it in style.

The Civic Arena is excited to announced these things! If you are interested in helping, donating or have any other questions about The Civic Arena, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Keep an eye out!

The Civic Arena’s aim is to change the world.

Thanks for coming along and doing it with us!


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful vision, beautiful women! I love what you are doing.

    • stephnelson

      Aww, thank you, Adina! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

  2. Dan

    Good Work. Keep it up you beautiful ladies.

  3. Keep up the good work and never stop fighting.

    • stephnelson

      Thank you, Dama Godiva! And same to you. Love your blog. :) Thanks for visiting us. :)

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